e-File your 2290 online with the leader in heavy vehicle use tax filing.

Filing your 2290 online, or e-Filing, is easy and the fastest way to get your watermarked Schedule 1. Learn how we're setting a new standard for speed, accuracy and flawless filing, guaranteed.

What do you get when you e-File with 2290 Rapid Fire?

Filing your 2290 return online with 2290 Rapid Fire means you’re not only working with the leader in heavy vehicle use tax filing, but that you also get:

Step-by-step guidance

We'll walk you through every step from the start, do all the math for you and put your info in the right place before you e-File.

Your 2290 done right, guaranteed

Our calculations are 100% accurate and up to date with the latest tax laws to give you complete confidence when you e-File your Form 2290 return. Otherwise, we'll pay you any IRS penalties due to a 2290 Rapid Fire calculation error.

The green light to file

We'll run a comprehensive review of your 2290 return before you file it online, and we'll walk you through any changes to make sure everything is correct.

Benefits of e-Filing online

Secure delivery to the IRS

e-File is the most secure way to get your 2290 return delivered to the IRS. That's why all 2290 Rapid Fire returns are e-Filed automatically.

Email confirmation

Once you e-File, we will send you a confirmation email to give you peace of mind that your order has been received. As soon as your 2290 return is approved by the IRS, we will automatically retrieve your watermarked Schedule 1 directly from the IRS and send it to your email.

Your fastest Schedule 1

e-Filing your 2290 return is the easiest and fastest way to get your Schedule 1. Most of our customers get their 2290 processed and approved in minutes.

Need help? We've got you covered!

Take the guesswork out of your 2290 filing. Make sure you file correctly the first time with our guided software that simplifies the complex 2290 filing process.

Our dedicated support specialists are available to assist you with any questions that come up. Skip the annoying call to the IRS where hold times during peak periods can last hours. File online and be done in minutes.

Ready to Give Us a Try?

We've built the most advanced e-Filing toolset in the industry to make 2290 tax filing faster, easier and more accurate.